How To: Create A Perfect ‘Make Your Own Bloody Mary’ Bar

Being a Bloody Mary enthusiast does not require fitting into a mold. Unique among cocktails, the Bloody Mary has nearly infinite varieties; it would be challenging to find two Bloody Mary lovers whose preferred cocktail is exactly alike. This is part of what makes Bloody Marys so desirable to so many people. It’s also why Make Your Own Bloody Mary bars are so much fun! The versatility of the Bloody Mary (and its savory profile) means that you can fit an impressive MYOBM bar into nearly any entertaining occasion: homemade brunches, of course, but also Sunday football, New Year’s Day festivities, game nights, birthday celebrations, holiday parties, and more. With a couple splashes of imagination and preparation, a Make Your Own Bloody Mary bar lets you show off your creativity as a host—and makes a stunning centerpiece for any party. Transcend the Basics, with Toma There are a few items must-have items in your MYOBM bar. Tall cocktail glasses, ice, black pepper, lemons, limes, hot sauce, and of course the tomato-based mix will be the foundation of your set-up. Now, we believe a Bloody Mary should be made from scratch, which is why Toma is made with our own chipotle tomatillo sauce, sriracha and steak sauce. We believe it’s perfection in a bottle, but if you want to add any ingredients to spice things up, be our guest. Our goal is to simplify your life so you can serve your guests the most [...]

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The Delicious Secrets of the Tomatillo

Tomatillo. It rolls off the tongue so beautifully and they taste even better in your mouth. A real palate pleaser. The secrets to their complex, delicious flavor are tied inextricably to their history, our understanding and appreciation of which is evolving even to this day. We decided to use tomatillos in our artisanal Bloody Mary mix because of the complexity they bring. They are actually an entirely separate plant from the tomato, and there are marked differences between the two not just in appearance but also in flavor profile. Tart and citrus-y like the zing of a lime, tomatillos are unique in that they bring acidity without the overt sweetness of other acidic fruits like pineapple or kiwi. Tomatillos’ flavor profile, tart and a little herbaceous with a minimal amount of sugar, provides a beautiful balance to savory, indulgent, fatty foods—like all of our brunch favorites. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Even the history of tomatillos is captivating, and it provides another reason to embrace and appreciate them. Among fruits and vegetables that we eat today, tomatillos are an ancient delicacy. They originated in the vibrant pre-European civilizations of Mesoamerica: the Maya and Aztec. While the earlier Mayans tended to be nomadic hunters, the dominant Aztec empire advanced farming practices. This led to the introduction of chili peppers, honey, salt, and chocolate into sauces and other delicacies. Historians believe that the Aztecs domesticated the tomatillo for culinary use around in the 1300s; [...]

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Bloody Sunday: Recipes to Elevate Your Football Parties

Few things are more relaxing and fun than the back-to-back-to-back action of a Sunday spent with football, friends, and food. From the comfort of our living rooms, we swap stories, root against each other’s teams, and enjoy cheap beer and decent wings… hang on. That last part doesn’t sound as great as the rest. It’s time to level up the football party. Hosting your friends for the extended Sunday lineup presents a perfect opportunity to show off your entertaining skills. Plus, it’s fun to plan: playing with the traditional flavors of football (think spicy, savory food) and combining them in creative food and drink recipes to introduce to your friends. […]

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