The "I Love New York" Michelada - East Coast Style

The "I Love New York" Michelada - East Coast Style

May 02, 2022Alejandro Lopez

A Michelada is a spicy and super-refreshing Mexican beer cocktail that, in our opinion, can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. But it's especially enjoyable during the warmer months at backyard BBQs or a weekend brunch.

A typical Michelada is made with a Mexican-style lager like a Modelo Especial or Tecate, lime juice, tomato juice, and different spices and sauces. Some recipes use Maggi sauce, but that contains MSG, so we don't touch that stuff.

The whole point is to dial up the flavor of these refreshingly light beers with spicy, savory, and tangy notes. We think the easiest way to do that is to use two ingredients: Toma Original mixer and the Citrus Jammer from Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn.

Toma Original certainly brings the savory and spicy notes to this cocktail. We get savory from the Worcestershire sauce, which in our case is gluten-free and vegan. For the spicy elements, we use our own sriracha and a chipotle-tomatillo sauce. The former offers up a sweeter heat with a nice kick and the latter provides a more peppery and slightly smoky flavor profile.

The chipotle-tomatillo sauce was inspired by our founder's mother's cooking. "Some of the flavors in Toma were influenced by my mother, who left Cuba in 1968. She lived in Mexico City for a year before moving to the US.

Cuban food isn't spicy, but it certainly is savory. It was the time spent in Mexico that opened up her palate to accept the spicy elements of Mexican dishes."

Toma Founder Alejandro Lopez talks about the influences his mother had on Toma

Now why would we use a Gose-style beer like Sixpoint's Citrus Jammer for our Michelada? These types of beers are brew with salted water and spiced with coriander. Also, the yeast and added lactobacillus (also used in sour beers) give it a unique tartness.

The Citrus Jammer takes it one step further by adding real lemon and lime juice, making this tangy, session beer deliciously refreshing! The flavor is important, but so is local. Sixpoint is brewed in Brooklyn and we make Toma upstate NY (although it was born in Astoria, Queens). Showing love for two New York products is the reason we call this the "I Love NY" Michelada.

I Love New York Michelada with Toma Bloody Mary and Sixpoint Citrus Jammer

How to make the "I Love NY" Michelada


  • 1 lime or lemon
  • Coarse sea salt or a chili salt
  • Toma Original (chilled is best)
  • Sixpoint's Citrus Jammer (tangy session beer)

    Cocktail recipe:

    1. Run a lime or lemon wedge around the rim of a pint glass and then dip in coarse sea salt or chili salt.
    2. Pour 3 ounces of Toma Original into the pint glass
    3. Pour 12 ounces of Sixpoint Citrus Jammer
    4. Lightly stir to blend the ingredients and chill the drink

    ALT: If you prefer to use a traditional Mexican-style lager, make sure to add a 3/4 ounce of fresh lime juice.

    Cheers and enjoy! Salud y disfruta!

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