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How To: Create A Perfect ‘Make Your Own Bloody Mary’ Bar

Being a Bloody Mary enthusiast does not require fitting into a mold. Unique among cocktails, the Bloody Mary has nearly infinite varieties; it would be challenging to find two Bloody Mary lovers whose preferred cocktail is exactly alike. This is part of what makes Bloody Marys so desirable to so many people. It’s also why Make Your Own Bloody Mary bars are so much fun! The versatility of the Bloody Mary (and its savory profile) means that you can fit an impressive MYOBM bar into nearly any entertaining occasion: homemade brunches, of course, but also Sunday football, New Year’s Day festivities, game nights, birthday celebrations, holiday parties, and more. With a couple splashes of imagination and preparation, a Make Your Own Bloody Mary bar lets you show off your creativity as a host—and makes a stunning centerpiece for any party. Transcend the Basics, with Toma There are a few items must-have items in your 'make-your-own' Bloody Mary bar. Tall cocktail glasses, ice, black pepper, lemons, limes, hot sauce, and of course the tomato-based mix will be the foundation of your set-up. Now, we believe a Bloody Mary should be made from scratch, which is why Toma is made with our own chipotle tomatillo sauce, sriracha and steak sauce. We believe it’s perfection in a bottle, but if you want to add any ingredients to spice things up, be our guest. Our goal is to simplify your life so you can serve your guests [...]

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